Tasting Room

Cocktails - Food - Music

Skunktails - $8

Skunk & Soda Skunkworks Moonshine served with soda and a twist of lime 1.5 oz
Orange Moon Skunkworks Moonshine and Orange Crush soda 1.5 oz
A Roman Skunk Skunkworks Moonshine and Clamato juice with spices 1.5 oz
Moonwater Skunkworks Moonshine infused with hibiscus 1.5 oz
Moon Tea Skunkworks Moonshine with herbal tea 1.5 oz
Ultraviolet Night Skunkworks Moonshine and our lavender simple syrup and soda 1.5 oz

Not Skunktails

Moonshine Martinis Dry or wet, dirty or clean, Skunkworks Moonshine makes one heckuva martini! 2.5 oz, $11
Non-alcoholic A selection of juice & pops from near and far, $3

Food Menu

Charcuterie Boards Cheese and meat plate
Bread & Balsamic Focaccia bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Meat Pies Beef and veggie pies from Simple Simon
Cheese Buns Glamorgan Bakery cheese buns warmed in the oven.
Cheese Bread Melted cheese and garlic on focaccia bread.
Kalamata Olive Plate A snack of olives to go with your drink.